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ASC Releases Statement Rejecting DA Summer Stephan's Hate Crime Hotline

Asian Solidarity Collective challenges and pushes back against DA Summer Stephan’s hate crime hotline as she has been known to utilize the criminal justice system as a weapon against Black, Brown and Asian communities by forcing them into prison for petty crimes. Asian Solidarity Collective refuses to have any association with a hate crimes hotline that is tied with Summer Stephan whose campaign was funded by a PAC - political action committees affiliated with law enforcement during her 2018 run for District Attorney.

“How can we trust a DA who has been known to target and over-police Black people we are in community and solidarity with?” says DJ Kuttin Kandi, Core member and Organizer with Asian Solidarity Collective. “We ask that Asian communities who are experiencing coronavirus-related anti-Asian racism, to use the national anti-asian hate reporting website launched by the Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council last month to report any acts of harassment and violence, rather than the hate crimes hotline initiated by DA Summer Stephans.”

Asian Solidarity Collective released a full statement on their response to the District Attorney Summer Stephan’s hate crime hotline here

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