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There are many ways to get involved with The Asian Advocacy Community &

The Action Center.  

If you want to learn how to organize, and strategize with dialectical approaches that includes left edge of organizing then

join Asian Solidarity Collective (ASC) today!


Asian Solidarity Collective (ASC) is a grassroots organization in San Diego whose mission is to activate Asian American social justice consciousness, condemn anti-Blackness, and build Asian solidarity intersectionally with Black, Brown and Indigenous folks, people with disabilities, queer and trans people of color, and all oppressed communities. Our work includes political education, community building, and collective action.

Asian Solidarity Collective’s vision is to: 

  • Work for the collective liberation of all communities. "When Black folks are free, we are all free."

  • Build Asian solidarity with Black, Brown, Indigenous, LGBTQ2IA+, and People with Disabilities. 

  • Engage Asian Americans to be liberated from anti-Black racism, model minority myths, internalized colonialism, and white supremacy.

  • Honor Asian American histories, experiences, and peoples as relational to other oppressed communities. We understand Asian American lives through a transnational, anti-imperialist framework.

Asian Solidarity Collective is the membership that functions collaboratively as a program with The Asian Advocacy, Community & Action Center.


Asian Solidarity Collective is a partnered collaborative membership program that is primarily volunteer and community-led.  By joining Asian Solidarity Collective's membership you will be supporting our organizing work in building solidarity across communities of color and activating social justice consciousness.  Your membership will also provide you with an opportunity to grow and learn with us, to organize and serve.  Together we can create na more just world for our collective liberation.

ASC Members

To join Asian Solidarity Collective's membership:

  1. Please fill out the membership form​​

  2. Optional: Pay Annual Membership Donation of $20.00

  3. You will be contacted by The Action Center staff once your application for membership has been reviewed.

Annual Membership Dues

Our annual membership donation ask is $20.00 for you and your family (whomever you may define as family).  You are always more than welcome to donate more now or throughout the year.

Your membership donation support helps us support The Action Center staff, provide more programming, resources and allows us to show up for the communities we serve which often requires financial means. 

We also offer different payment options as needed such as a sliding scale or an installment plan.  



Thanks for submitting!


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