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what is c.a.r.e.?

C.A.R.E. (Community Action & Response Efforts) campaign calls on our community to keep each other safer by promoting community care practices and existing services that do not rely on police or the carceral system. This campaign will take the form of pod-mapping exercises, emergency contact cards, and posters. 

We seek to engage the Asian and Asian American communities and businesses in pledging to build relationships, support and care— especially during emergency situations. 

We recognize that we are targeted differently than Black people, while also recognizing the parallel systems of state violence that harm our communities. Through this campaign we hope to continue to create community care practices and work towards collective liberation for all communities. We are not free until we all get free.


  • We will invite Asian and Asian-American businesses and communities to display this poster in their windows

  • QR code will link to more information about the C.A.R.E. campaign, as well as a list of trusted community organizations & relevant contact information for urgent situations

​Why should we C.A.R.E.?

  • We envision a lot more for this campaign, and hope that it will guide us in understanding the kinds of resources that we will need to create to keep our communities safer 

  • This campaign will continue to grow and develop— so stay tuned for more information about events, workshops, zines, and other resources!


  • Double-sided emergency contact card

  • Spaces for folx to fill out the C.A.R.E. contact card with the info of trusted friends and/or family to call in an emergency 

  • Spaces for filling in any health needs and medications

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