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Welcome to The Action Center!  

As part of Asian Solidarity Collective’s original five year plan, a new community and power-building movement center on February 17,  2023, The Asian Advocacy Community & Action Center (aka The Action Center) launched and opened its doors.  Thank you to all of you who attended the grand opening last year, we’re so appreciative of all of the support and feedback we have received this past year! 

Please be gracious as we are in transition, rebranding and currently under construction and building out an accessible website that meets ADA standards.  We've also been working really hard in building out our infrastructure to make our new programs and services such as room reservations available to the community.  New announcements and updates will be sent out in this new year of 2024.  We appreciate your understanding.

In the meantime, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter, visit the current website as it is and learn about our upcoming events, services and programs. We also encourage you to join Asian Solidarity Collective's membership which holds the foundational principles and values of how we navigate our movement-building work as ASC works collaboratively with The Asian Advocacy, Community & Action Center.


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