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ASC's Collective Liberation Panel Nov 2019


Community PULSE Survey

COVID-19 has heralded and unearthed numerous pandemics - a global health crisis, an economic collapse, and the racial divide that has deep roots in the United States. These are not disconnected crises. As a community-led organization serving queer, working-class, migrant, and refugee Asian Americans we are acutely aware of the systemic design and interconnectedness of the failure of health systems, the disintegration of an extractive economic system that prioritizes profit over people, and the racial debt and labor that uphold these very systems. ASC is building Community PULSE - a community assessment to understand the lived experiences of the Asian American community in the tumultuous eye of COVID-19’s storm. We plan to assess and address the needs of already disenfranchised Asian American communities in San Diego. This program was developed to deepen our relationships in the community and, through the creation of focus groups, to be in dialogue with San Diego’s AAPI queer community and assess their needs in these times. We are also planning to share voter guides and electoral resources with our communities in this critical election year.

a purple background flier that reads "how are multiple pandemics affecting you and your community"

Portal to Liberation Campaign

The Portal to Liberation is a continual campaign to challenge the current police state and culture of policing in order to conceptualize a world without mass incarceration, immigration and deportation for San Diego Asians. Through action and education we will push our community to deepen our commitment to ending the structures that threaten Black life.



Asian Solidarity Collective is involved in various areas of Redistricting work including on the State of California, City and County of San Diego. 


We've partnered with our regional partners, Asian Americans Advancing for Justice - Asian Law Caucus.  We've teamed up with local grassroots organizations in San Diego who have co-sponsored our workshops on State Redistricting.  Additionally, we've joined and attained the support from local partners such as Alliance San Diego, Center on Policy Initiatives and the Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans. 

ASC Redistricting Flier July 1.png

Freedom & Justice Campaign

The Freedom and Justice (F&J) campaign is a solidarity collaborative effort organized by Pillars of the Community and Asian Solidarity Collective working alongside people currently and/or formerly incarcerated.  Freedom & Justice seeks to challenge the stall tactics by San Diego’s District Attorney and judges regarding Senate Bill1437, which limits felony murder prosecutions to those who intended to kill or had a direct or major role in a murder as opposed to the previous law that was outdated and tremendously impacted Black, Brown, Indigenous and people of color communities (BIPOC).  Many, BIPOC peoples have been unjustly convicted of murder and are eligible to get their cases reviewed under SB1437. Since the passing of SB1437, those previously convicted under the “felony murder rule” can petition for resentencing.  Freedom & Justice aims to amplify the stories of those impacted by an unjust system and expose the ways in which the carceral state has been denying the freedom of those most impacted as we fight to bring them home.

Freedom & Justice Goals.png

Take Action - GOTV!

ASC's Take Action GOTV Program is about educating the API of San Diego community voter engagement, importance of civic engagement and rally for their support through education, media relations, digital communications, and outreach.

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