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Robin "Rob" Tan he/him

Membership & Youth Development Associate


Robin has been a youth coordinator for over ten years. He has worked for the City of Chula Vista, in both the D.A.S.H. and S.T.R.E.T.CH after school programs as a site supervisor. Rob has worked for El Puente Academy For Peace & Justice running their after school basketball program for young adults in Brooklyn, New York. He has been a site supervisor for Kaplan’s after school program in Washington Heights, New York. In 2007, Robin was the Program Director for the after school program for houseless youth at Monarch School for three years. Robin is a devoted father to two children as he is dedicated to social justice with his past experience in organizing events, programs, and rallies. In addition, Robin has experience in the print industry and has worked for Fedex Office and UC San Diego in the production field. In 2020, Rob worked in the policy and records department at UC San Diego.   


With all of his experience, he is excited to start and see everything come full circle, which has brought him back to his roots with working with community. He not only believes that it takes a village to raise children, but he also knows that it will be the collective efforts of community that has and will lead to systemic change.

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