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CAMPAIGNS & programs

Portal to Liberation Campaign

The Portal to Liberation is a continual campaign to challenge the current police state and culture of policing in order to conceptualize a world without mass incarceration, immigration and deportation for San Diego Asians. Through action and education we will push our community to deepen our commitment to ending the structures that threaten Black life.

We call on our San Diego Asian communities and non-Asian co-conspirators to enter the Portal to Liberation, in solidarity with Black lives calling us to free ourselves from the police state and culture of policing in order to reimagine a world free from policing and borders. Read more about the campaign.

a flier description of the Portal to Liberation Campaign

Report Coronavirus Anti-AAPI Racism

Instead of seeing people of Chinese descent as victims of covid-19, people who appear Asian are being blamed and attacked across America. Attacks and harassment of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders—not just those of Chinese descent—has grown at an alarming rate. This scapegoating is the most recent in a historic line of racist attacks fueled by fear of “yellow peril” against Asian immigrants in the United States – from the quarantining of San Francisco’s Chinatown during the bubonic plague of the 1900s, to forcibly placing Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II, to murders of Filipino workers in Watsonville, California in the 1930s.


In San Diego county, incidents as recent as April 1, 2020 included a 65 year old Filipina American grandmother, her 41 year old daughter, and 16 year old granddaughter being verbally harassed. The harassers attempted to physically attack the teen. These occurrences can not be ignored and must be reported.


As organizations and individuals dedicated to uplifting our communities in social and economic justice, we encourage you to report if you or your family has faced anti-Asian racism, including being physically harmed, shunned, yelled at, spat on, denied entrance into a business, refused business, threatened in any way (email, messages, physical notes) or any unwelcome behavior from others based on your race. The Coronavirus Anti-AAPI Racism Incident Report is compiled by nonprofit organization Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council (A3PCON). Our hope is to raise awareness of the dangers our community is facing in an already sensitive time.


We also stand in solidarity with all other communities of color - black, brown, indigenous peoples, muslim, refugee communities and people with disabilities who face this daily. More than ever solidarity and justice is needed where we must support restorative justice approaches that does not replicate system of oppressions that further divides our communities.


Link to the A3Pcon - Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council Incident Report form in multiple languages is here:

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100 Donors, 100 Dollars, 100 Days

Donate today and join the Founders Circle to support Asian Solidarity Collective!  Thank you for supporting our work and vision!

flier that promotes the 100 donors, 100 dollars for 100 days fundraising campaign

ASC Releases Statement Rejecting DA Summer Stephan's Hate Crime Hotline

Asian Solidarity Collective challenges and pushes back against DA Summer Stephan’s hate crime hotline as she has been known to utilize the criminal justice system as a weapon against Black, Brown and Asian communities by forcing them into prison for petty crimes. Asian Solidarity Collective refuses to have any association with a hate crimes hotline that is tied with Summer Stephan whose campaign was funded by a PAC - political action committees affiliated with law enforcement during her 2018 run for District Attorney.

“How can we trust a DA who has been known to target and over-police Black people we are in community and solidarity with?” says DJ Kuttin Kandi, Core member and Organizer with Asian Solidarity Collective. “We ask that Asian communities who are experiencing coronavirus-related anti-Asian racism, to use the national anti-asian hate reporting website launched by the Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council last month to report any acts of harassment and violence, rather than the hate crimes hotline initiated by DA Summer Stephans.”

Asian Solidarity Collective released a full statement on their response to the District Attorney Summer Stephan’s hate crime hotline here

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We All We Got San Diego

Asian Solidarity Collective supports this initiative and the San Diego Covid-19 Mutual Aid group also known as We All We Got SD.  If you are in need, would like to volunteer or donate visit 

Please donate to those in need of support and assistance.  We All We Got SD prioritizes folks who are sick, disabled, quarantined without pay, elderly, undocumented, queer, Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color.  Please spread the word.

image of a website for We All We Got San Diego

Become A Member!

By joining Asian Solidarity Collective's membership you will be supporting our organizing work in building solidarity across communities of color and activating social justice consciousness.  Your membership will also provide you with an opportunity to grow and learn with us, to organize and serve, to share your concerns and ideas so that together we can create a more just world!

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