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The Action Center provides a vast amount of programming to our community, many of which is designed, developed, inspired by our staff, members, core members and overall community.  Before some of our programs are even designed, The Action Center conducts community needs assessments to learn from the community themselves on what is needed most.  While The Action Center gathers community needs assessments, community members are often invited to join ASC membership and its committees so that they can be even more involved in designing a few programs.  In addition, TAC coordinates focus group discussions, town hall forums, and event surveys.  Each of these tools helps us to gather the information we need to design the services and programs that we continue to offer at The Action Center.  Thereafter, we continually evaluate our programs and provide surveys to make sure we attain community feedback in order to provide programming that is community-centered as possible.

Transformative Leadership Development Programs

The Action Center's Transformative Leadership Development Programs such as TAC's fellowship programs (ie: Act 2 Lead), youth programs (Heal The HeART, etc), critical concept courses, civic engagement and organizing trainings and more.  TAC’s leadership development (LD) program's purpose is to cultivate transformative leaders to enhance participants skills and knowledge in areas of organizing, community care and personal ecology.  The LD programs support TAC’s belief in developing tomorrow’s leaders, bringing them into the movement and shifting power in order to create the change that is needed in our communities.  Developing leaders are crucial for community organizing and for helping to change hearts and minds, especially in building solidarity and creating transformation.


Arts Programs

The Action Center is a space where artists thrive as it provides a place for artists to create and coordinate.  Together, artists can design programming for other artists to participate in and play an integral role in their own events.  The Action Center often brings in teaching artists to facilitate many of TAC's artists programs throughout the year.  Whether one is an upcoming or an advanced artist, all are welcome to attend, participate and/or join in on many of The Action Center's arts programs.  


Healing Justice Programs

The Action Center's healing justice programming such as Stop The Hate, or curriculums inspired by our ASC members' C.A.R.E. campaign; TAC healing justice programs are designed to provide trauma-informed healing spaces, and political education programming.  Shortly after the increased anti-Asian violence that began in 2020, the healing justice programs were developed at the start of 2021, who were in need of support and healing to provide triage to vulnerable Asian communities in San Diego. Since then, community-based approaches are utilized as a form of providing safety and care to most impacted communities experiencing harm from anti-Asian violence. With the shared experience and history of organizing and mobilizing community members, together, alongside community partners we bring comprehensive community based initiatives to not only educate on the issues of racism, but lead with tools for solidarity, bring critical dialogues, forums and safety trainings to further prevent personal and interpersonal crises, reduce the stigma of help seeking behaviors, and bridge our mental health practitioners to a platform of social and racial justice to improve the overall well-being of Asians and Asian American people and our communities. Many of our healing justice programs include some of our mental health forums, mindfulness-based stress reduction classes, art justice programming, poetic wellness day with social justice wellness discussions and so much more.


Relationship & Critical Connections Programs

Relationship & Critical Connections centers revolutionary love and relationship building as a practice for building power.  This program focuses on coalition-building and co-organizing including member-led committees that build up skills in campaign strategy, base building, and community safety which is essential for building solidarity.

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